Personalized Items

Press Release

A.P.O. Jeans deliver their clients with Personalized-Designer Jeans that are exclusively made for their client’s individual fit. Our goal is to target Sports, Entertainment, and Business professionals, as well as other individuals who are looking for elegant “perfect fit” jeans. Our Personalized-Designer Jeans are designed in a way unlike any other jean incorporating genuine silver, 14k gold, platinum and diamond buttons and rivets.
Our jeans are made with only the highest quality and some of most expensive denim in the world. Unlike other jean zippers, our zippers are specially polished and plated. A.P.O. Jeans’ one-of a-kind pockets are made with exotic silk satin rather than the regular cotton material used by other jeans. Additionally, our jeans are sewn and finished with a special technique that we developed and not used by any other manufacturer, qualifying it to be the world’s most expensively made jeans. And last but not least, each label is personalized with client’s name and ID number enhancing each individual jean’s exclusiveness.
A.P.O. Jeans, setting higher standards for custom-made jeans deliver a fit and exclusiveness that’s “all your own”. “A.P.O. is beyond luxury”, setting higher standards for lifestyle world wide. A.P.O. Couture Collection coming soon…